Photo of Dr. Jordan Ragusa.

Jordan M. Ragusa
Assistant Professor of Political Science
College of Charleston




I am an Assistant Professor of Political Science at the College of Charleston and a Research Fellow in the Economics Department.

I received my Ph.D. from the University of Florida in the fall of 2011. My expertise is in American national institutions (in particular Congress), presidential and congressional elections, research methodology (with a focus on quantitative methods), political economy, and political behavior.

A copy of my curriculum vitae is available here.


At the College of Charleston I teach classes in two fields: American politics (both institutions and political behavior) and research methodology. Since 2011 I have taught the following courses: American Government, Congress, American Political Development, Public Opinion in American Politics, Doing Research in Political Science, and Research Methodology for Public Administration (graduate).

In the Fall of 2015 I am teaching two sections of American Government and leading a book colloquium on the U.S. Congress and political economy. In the Spring of 2016 I will be teaching Analyzing American Politics (an advanced quantitative methods capstone class), an undergraduate class on American politics and U.S. political economy, and a section of American Government. Please visit my courses page for syllabi and other materials.


My primary research interest is the U.S. Congress, with a specific focus on political parties, polarization, congressional organization, and roll-call behavior. My published work also includes research on the presidency (in particular legislative-executive interaction), congressional and presidential elections, and political behavior.

Copies of my published papers are available on my research page. My work has appeared or is forthcoming in the journals Political Research Quarterly, American Politics Research, Political Science Quarterly, and the Journal of Elections, Public Opinion, and Parties. I have also been invited to contribute to two edited volumes and am at work on a book manuscript on when and why Congress repeals legislation.


I have published over a dozen op-eds and editorials in outlets such as the Huffington Post, Charleston's Post & Courier, and South Carolina's The State. I have been cited or quoted in above outlets in addition to USA Today, the New Yorker, and the Boston Globe. I also co-author an American Politics Blog: Rule 22. Notably, Rule22 reaches a wide audience through its partnership with the Christian Science Monitor (one of the nation's oldest national newspapers).